MLM companies and beauty professionals

A lot of people both professionals and consumers have been asking me for my thoughts on the issue of MLM companies.

I will first point out that each week i receive over 50 emails, 10 calls, 60 messages on facebook from distributors promising me huge profits and to join their MLM. alot of them being very vague, pushy and evasive. As a beauty professional i always prioritize my time for my clients enquiries and dont have time for the sales pitch but after many years they all look the same to me. Let me clear something up for all unsuspecting consumers out there.

1. A professional beauty therapist who spends approx 10-15 thousand dollars on a diploma, studying in depth skin anatomy and physiology, have an intimate understanding of ingredient and how they work on the cellular level, we are not easily swayed by big claims, big marketing campaigns from companies that manufacture an inferior product to the general population. Skincare that is therapeutic and is more active is legally not allowed to be sold over the counter without accompaning advice from a professional, TGA registration etc, hence professional only products and products you can only obtain from a beauty salon are restricted and not available in a chemist or at your local woolies. Typically salon only brands never advertise or spend big budgets on packaging or marketing rather they invest big on research and development. MLM companies depend on a model of pushy sales with the motivation of commission, when sales are not met, they push the recruitment of others and sell the "you can make a million if you want to" so they can receive commission. In all, its all about sales and recruitment of anyone and everyone, regardless of the lack of training. Many consultants give advice that is beyond their knowledge and most of it is heresay, wrong, and can be downright dangerous. They are typically pushy and don't take no for an answer, nor will they back off if you present evidence based knowledge showing why their advice is dangerous/products are harmful.

2. Why in the world would a professional who have access to professional only products that are active proven to work on the skin at a more deeper level, want to use an inferior product that anyone can buy from anywhere without advice or being sold by the lady down the street who doesnt know a lipstick from a lipgloss AND at an overinflated retail price. it just doesnt make sense.

3. They always promise huge profits that are quick and easy to vulnerable people. Truth is, no one ever sells product and they know it. Thats why they pressure you to sign up every person you know to become a distributor. Meanwhile you become a rude mean pushy person that destroys all your relationships. The commercialization of family and friendship relations or the use of 'warm leads' which is required in the MLM marketing program is a destructive element in the community and very unhealthy for individuals involved. Capitalizing upon family ties and loyalties of friendships in order to build a business can destroy ones social foundation. It places stress on relationships that may never return to their original bases of love, loyalty and support. Beyond its destructive social aspects, experience shows that few people enjoy or appreciate being solicited by friends and relatives to buy products.

So please, next time you think it cant be that bad, it really is!! And please stop messaging and calling me to join mary kay, avon, jeunesse, arbonne, herbalife and all those other ones out there. Trying to force sell to a professional is not only annoying but also very insulting.

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