The Instagram Trap

In this every evolving age of technology and social media, it is obvious to all that every second client and in fact every female under the age of 25 is almost obsessed with either looking at photos of others on instagram or posting photos there. What i believe are valid points to consider especially when looking at instagram for photos of inspiration for your own makeup are as follows.

1. Never think those HD brows are a good idea. it is an absolutely ridiculous beauty trend that non-professional makeup artists should never, ever try to incorporate into their daily routine. For most people, it is difficult enough to fill in their eyebrows in a normal manner, so giving them the change to ombre their brows could result in looking like a 5 yr old went at you with a texta. Makeup artists do HD brows cause they photograph well and look great in photos- for that one second just for the photo. In reality it looks far too heavy, fake and overdone to be seen out in public with.

2. It will only feed your insecurities to compare yourself to photos on instagram. The lengths many of us go to hide flaws that are often invisible to others, in order to curate our best online selves portrays an unrealistic view of how we really look, and thus an unrealistic expectation to match, especially when everyone uses filters editing software etc. Women who base their self-worth on their appearance are likely to post more pictures of themselves on social media seeking validation. Its just not real!

3. Contouring. Yes you have seen those photos. And the tutorials. There are plenty who have tried and failed. Over-the-top contouring that is running rampant on Instagram and YouTube. Every day you see girls with poorly blended stripes on their faces and using way too much foundation, concealer, and powder. The skin is completely masked. And every day clients are asking about contouring, even if they already have narrow faces and well-defined bone structure when its unnecessary. I have never approached makeup from the perspective of changing a face or masking what fundamentally makes a person who they are. Instead, I believe in enhancing, and always making sure the skin looks like healthy radiant skin. This trend is taking away the beauty of skin and individuality. Contouring is never appropriate for any occasion other than to be snapped for instagram.

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