Busting common myths of makeup

Ok yes we have all heard them and for most people who don't wear a lot of makeup or don't have much experience these come up time and time again so lets put some things to rest!

Myth #1- Eyeshadow colour should match your clothes.

This is a BIG no no even though clients say this to me all the time. Nothing is worse than someone with blue shoes, blue dress, blue bag and blue eyes! you look like one big smurf! the Key is to choose matching colours that compliment what your wearing and enhance your facial undertones. For example you wear a green dress- neutral earthy tones like browns and mauves and bronze go well.

Myth #2 -Makeup doesnt expire- Hell yeah it does! 99% of my clients when they show me their personal collection nearly all have their makeup have expired. Biggest way to get an infection or spread acne around is by using that 6 year old foundation that doesnt match anymore and smells a bit funny but hey that's whats in your bag. Mascara is the biggest culprit they expire within 6 months MAX if not earlier when they dry out and go gluggy. eyeshadow powders and anything powder in general yes does last years BUT everything liquid expires generally under 12 months.

Myth #3- Foundation/ Makeup must cover everything- People have an expectation to cover every single little flaw they have. In doing so you are layering on far too much makeup that in the end looks cakey, overdone, and horrible. Its beautiful and OK to let your freckles shine through after all that's what makes you-you. A mole is character, an acne scar always looks worse with too much makeup on rather than nothing at all. Its all about even skin tone and accentuating your features, not hiding everything behind a mask.

Myth #4- When you sweat/get oily Powder to touchup. - This is one sure fire way to make sure you end up looking like a hot sweaty oompah loompah mess by the end of the day. Powder is meant to set your foundation in place so it doesnt move. It is not meant for "touching up" If you produce oil excessively, oil eats up foundation including powder so use a mattifying base like silica or rice powder than a high coverage cream foundation and set it in place with a oil specific powder than use blotting papers through the day to remove shine. For sweat, using a water based foundation will make sure it disintegrates quickly. Use silicone based or wax based to avoid it being eaten up and again- use blotting papers not powder.

There are definetely thousands more out there. Do you know of any? feel free to comment with your makeup myth and we will be sure to bust it for you! Let us know what you think!

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