Frequently asked questions- Natural makeup

I guess you can put this into the myths category. We get alot of people when inquiring for prices or in general about their event, photo shoot etc, we find it quite interesting when alot of people say "were only needing a natural look makeup" or when they ask for pricing they ask"we only want a simple natural look" as to imply somehow that a "natural look" should be cheaper or quicker than a more "colorful look". Lets get one thing straight.

A lot of people might not realize that to make some look flawless and smooth when their skin has issues and provide that no makeup makeup look where they look naturally amazing takes MORE skill and expertise and yes correctly executed professional products. When people want to look their best and have a complete service done, the choice of colour be it brown, grey, pink or bright green is irrelevant. You are still using the same amount of product, skin preparation, time, and expert application. It is no quicker or simpler to do a natural nude look than it is to do an outlandish multicolored concoction. It takes MORE skill and experience to make someone average looking with flaws and bumps amazingly natural and flawless as if they had just woken up looking like Miranda Kerr. Next time you ask for a "quick simple easy natural makeup" think again. If it was REALLY that quick, easy, simple and cheap than you wouldn't be needing the services of a professional makeup artist would you? Truth be told, you need a professional makeup artist to bring out the best in you and make you look naturally flawless when we all know nature does need a helping hand to help us look our best. Most people that ask for a "natural" look are really saying "I haven't had my makeup done professionally and i am scared of someone going to town on me and making me look like a multicolored clown." Which is perfectly fine and i can completely understand those concerns of learning to trust someone else s judgement of what looks good on you. That is why its imperative to ALWAYS have a thorough consultation with your artist.

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