Brides- How to avoid being "fired" by your vendors

This is definitely a very taboo subject amongst the bridal industry but i think is very beneficial to be talked about.

Due to the often unrealistic glamorization of many new “wedding shows” on television, there has seemingly been an increase in many brides “un-realistic” demands…Though it’s not to say for any bride that “they can’t have what they want” it comes down to the old renditions of how they treat others to achieve this… Television is capitalizing on the stress levels of Brides during their planning, so many vendors now include an abuse clause that covers both sides of the equation for those involved in the contract. Also many brides find themselves being Fired by their wedding vendors, leaving them scrambling to find a replacement at the last minute when majority are already booked out and any last minute bookings are charged at a premium price. To avoid this scenario and extra unnecessary stress consider these points. 1. Although you may think its a good idea to have a schedule that suits you it is highly unlikely to work out. Many wedding vendors deal with hundreds of brides every year and have lots of experience on how to time everything to keep you on time and not panicking. Yes if you do have a bridal party of 6+ people you will need to start hair and makeup well and truly before 8am.And you most likely need hair and makeup done at the one location to avoid running out of time. It is unrealistic to expect 6 people hair and makeup in two hours. Work with your vendors to achieve a good timeline schedule so everything flows smoothly on your day. 2. If you want to avoid drama within your guest don't invite them. Same goes for the bridal party, if your sister is or best friend is jealous and likes to be the centre of attention that spells a disaster for you the bride on the day. Avoid putting any poisonous people within your reach on the day. Yes we have witnessed many bridesmaids and mothers have complete mental breakdowns, running off, not showing up, demanding their hair and makeup outshine the bride plus much more. The only way to avoid this is to be selective in your inner circle. 3.Be clear with your plans and stick to them. Booked your photographer for an entire day, only to email them 3 days before the wedding to tell them you only want them for 2 hours? Booked beauty services for 5 people only to now have “Bride only” for services? Not only are you now in breach of your contract, you have now likely cost them other business and clients they could have booked while holding and scheduling a full day for your services. This is often the biggest cause of Brides getting themselves fired and comes down to the age old saying; Don’t say one thing (and sign for it) only to turn around and do another… although vendors will try to accommodate the best they can, you can not be guaranteed what you want if the rules have changed. 4.Be respectful. Getting married is one of the most stressful times in your life. We as vendors completely understand that. We help hundreds of brides a year to be prepared, organise,and help any unnecessary stress to make their experience as positive and enjoyable. If you are feeling the stress getting too much speak up in a polite manner and ask for help to try and settle things down. You will be surprised how much your wedding vendors can help you if you ask. Being frustrated and yelling and demanding taking it out on everyone around you will most likely result in you being fired and people walking away from you. A bigger and even more stressful scenario now.

5. Negotiating prices. All brides have a budget in mind for hair and makeup. There are many artists that are happy to negotiate on price to get your booking. When it becomes insulting is when you risk offending your favorite artist you wanted to book and will be refused a booking. Many artist are booked out well over a year ahead, especially for peak bridal season. Also Saturdays are more popular than sundays etc. Many experienced artists that charge the normal going rate for your area will not want to negotiate on price as there are already another 10 couples enquiring for the same date that are happy to pay the prices. Asking a professional to do Free trials, or to cut their price in half just for you is very insulting. It is not negotiating. If you can not afford the artist of your choice but still want the quality of service, consider cutting costs elsewhere out of your wedding. For example $500 on shoes that no one will see under your dress is an easy area to cut down on, or shop around for the cake, after all most people eat it, complain about it, then forget about it. Or even instead of having six bridesmaids consider cutting it down to three to afford you more luxury to spend on your wedding. How you will look in your photos that you will look at for years to come is far more important than other things in the whole scheme of the wedding. After all that i wish every one of my beautiful brides all the stress free joy and happiness that only a wedding can bring.

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