Preparation tip sheet for brides

Here are some quick and easy ways to make sure your special day runs according to plan.

1. A great way to make sure everyone runs on time is to let everyone know of any last minute late changes. If you have any last minute details change which will affect makeup please let me know as soon as possible.

2. Budget early and stick to it. Have the bridal party payments sorted and ready to go before the day for hair, makeup, photographers etc. Many of our brides pay in full well before the date via bank deposit. That way there's no last minute back and forth, everything is done and one less thing to stress over.

3. Have a schedule worked out for everyone and always leave extra time for those “just in case” moments. Delegate someone in the bridal party to be in charge of it and make sure everyone’s ready to go when hair and makeup arrive, for the photographer etc.

4. Be prepared. Have a good night’s sleep. It does wonders for you. I ask everyone to have a clean face and free and clear of any make-up. Have your showers, eat breakfast and brush your teeth BEFORE we arrive. Morning moisturizers are OK as long as they are applied at least 20 minutes prior to services. Take care of your skin and drink lots of water to flush impurities. Wash your hair the night before and dry it thoroughly.

5. Service times are approx. 40 min per person, while one is in Hair, another will be in Makeup. Bride’s services approx. 1hour to ensure you are perfect. Plan your schedule around these times while still leaving some extra space to make sure no one runs late.

6. Wedding day SET UP: It is asked that ample table space be available and provided for the set up of equipment in morning preparations. Have a box of tissues at the ready to mop up any tears. Have a grazing platter full of finger foods that are not messy to keep everyone fed and full of energy. Have two chairs set up ready for us, one to be taller for makeup (a bar stool is great) Ample lighting and/or natural light from any large windows is best for Make-up application. Access is needed to 2 powepoints for each Hair stylist.

7. Bags? Puffy eyes? Get enough sleep/rest, drink plenty of water. Otherwise cucumbers, chamomile tea bags also work. For allergy sufferers, be sure to take something for them in the morning when you get up (non-drowsy of course) if you wear contacts, a backup pair of disposables is always good to have just in case due to irritation and/or dust, dirt, sand etc. that can often get blown around while out doing pictures.

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