Discussion point- Online VS real life advice

With a lot of industry talk surrounding the controversy surrounding many self made online makeup beauty gurus and huge interest in YouTube and other online platforms, its important to keep things in perspective and not allow yourself to be taken for a ride and parting with your hard earnt money with no return.

1. self made beauty bloggers are just that- bloggers! Many use automatic services to generate content to get clicks which is regurgitated from other blogs, some offer advice and beauty tips and tricks. The reality is a beauty blogger makes money from promoting sponsors products so you buy them. They are a salesperson. No qualifications in the area they discuss is required, essentially anyone can claim anything and giving out makeup or beauty advice is not only misleading but can be dangerous. Remember just because its on the internet doesn't mean they are telling you the truth.

2. Makeup tutorials do NOT replace professional makeup training. Sorry guys but if your looking for tips and tricks on how to become a professional, this is one thing that can only be learn t in the real world-hands on with a professional trainer who has worked in the industry. Just because someone can do their own makeup really well in front of a camera does not equate to them being a professional or having skills. Learning how to create art perfectly on another persons face takes training, practice and guidance. Online courses are useless as they cant teach you how to work the skin.

3. Insta artists are not real makeup artists. Yes some professionals are on insta for marketing purposes but i do not see it as a reliable way to find and hire someone. Think about it, they could have taken hours and hours to perfect that one look, added filters and Photoshop, practiced on that person a million times, till they got it right for that one instant. A real professional probably doesn't have time to be on insta all day and night (cause they're too busy working in the real world on real people) and is capable of customizing a beautiful makeover in minimal time without seeing you before.

4. The rise of the online trainer. Yes there are many flavor of the month beauty / makeup trainers that market heavily on Facebook and book out training people to be professionals. Unfortunately most just take your money and teach you bad habits and broken dreams like "do things my way and make a lot of money" Most of them are unheard of in the real professional industry. Mostly its people who tried out being a makeup artist- never made any money-didn't have any clients- saw training people as an opportunity to making money. Unfortunately none is accredited, and are not worth the money they charge. If you want to learn how to better apply makeup on yourself, ask a working professional for one on one lessons, if you'd like technical professional training, look into trainers who have been around for years, have a good rep(not online but offline as most online testimonials are made up) and have the ability to mentor your development.

5. And finally, take all tip and tricks with a grain of salt. They may be ridiculous, have worked for someone but doesn't mean it will work for you. If your looking for professional development, nothing beats having a mentor just to have a chat to and ask questions. Most tips and tricks are advertisement and endorsements in disguise. bloggers don't have to disclose conflicts of interest or if they were given payment or freebies for promoting a tip or trick. Have a voice of reason and dont be sucked into every online fad, most often than not they leave you looking like a hot mess.

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