How to take care of your hair.

Lets face it, were all guilty of it, in order to chase the latest fad for the most part we torture our hair and subject it to relentless damaging services in pursuit to look in with it, without forethought to the care and love we should be showing our hair. Many people also go against advice by professionals to give their hair a break or much needed treatments. Here is the lowdown on how and why we should be more caring towards our most visible asset.

1. Protein conditioners work by temporarily rebuilding areas of weakness in the hair structure which makes the hair feel stronger. Weakness can be caused by excessive straightening, heat, chemical relaxers, perms, bleaching, which results in the break down of protein in the structure of hair thereby weakening it.70% of our hair fiber structure, is made up of protein.

2. Moisturizing treatments are essential to prevent excessive hair breakage.They boost the moisture content of the hair making it flexible, elastic and manageable.

3. Applying conditioner to your hair and rinsing it out after only a few minutes will not allow enough time for the hair to absorb and get the full benefits the treatment. Likewise if you use a toning conditioner, for example a purple conditioner for removing brassiness out of blondes, it requires more than 30 seconds to have any really lasting effect. Most hairdresser treatments pretty much look like this and don't really give your hair the treatment it deserves.

4. A real genuine hair treatment should be like a facial for the hair! It should take at least 30-45 mins, include a 15 minute scalp massage, and the application of a super nourishing treatment that would leave your hair feeling amazing.

So what are you doing to keep your hair in top form? 

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