The truth about the makeup training industry

Yes we have all heard the click-bait circulating the net, it's as cheesy as Tony abbots slogan "Captains pick" but many unsuspecting people wishing to enter the makeup industry quickly find that all their "training" amounts to little with real clients. Yes Facebook and Insta LOVE those one or two syllable slogans "smoke eyes, Asian bridal, insta brows, highlight, contouring", you name it! Yes they may get you more followers as its a form of visual wow just like food porn (100% of it being filtered and photoshopped heavily- its pretty messed up if you have ever seen the raw images), BUT secret to success is to be more than a one trick pony.

Its even more surprising with physical training academies obviously feeling the threat from these online insta artist trainers that many of them have allowed them to run workshops in their premises, forming another income stream and supposedly legitimizing those artists as trainers. What I and many other working artists who hire contractors on a regular basis have noticed that there is a real vacuum of well skilled artists and a flood of these wannabees. Truth be told- many of those who have a large following on Facebook/Instagram have very little real life clients, and many free trade shoots on models, having no experience on real people and see training others as a way to make money.

Whats more shocking is that surprise surprise-that one trick you learnt to make someone heavily contoured aint gonna work on every bridal client you do- neither is highlighting them to be shiny as (no longevity will just sweat off almost instantly)as well as them looking greasy on camera. Fact is you need to utilize many sound techniques to make real women-flaws and all- look and feel the best they can be, and still feel like it is them and not a painted mask. Investing in sound training to make you outstanding with the basics is far more beneficial from a working artist, and will probably save you a heap in money. Ask those colleges-how many students work full time paid employment in the industry post 12 months after completion? you would be surprised at the number- less than 10%. For the past 5 years I have been offering individualized tuition to help current and new artists develop their skills as well as group tuition within hair and beauty salons, to be an all rounder, to better their skills that will directly impact their earning capacity- that is the goal for any training after all! For personalized tuition from a working artist, email us at

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