Beauty terms debunked

In the beauty industry many buzz words are thrown around but what do they really mean? Do they mean what they say or is it all clever marketing. Here we will discuss and debunk some common terms.

Natural-this term is thrown around by nearly every skincare company. It implies that if its natural, than it is better for you. This word has no legal meaning, because EVERYTHING is natural or derived from natural resources. Cyanide and anthrax are naturally occurring substances that are not good for you. In other words, this term is meaningless. If you want a quality product with beneficial ingredients, best thing is to get comfortable with reading labels and understanding ingredients.

Cruelty free- this is being used now more and more with many organizations (for a fee of course) providing certification. But can any product be TRULY cruelty free? Probably not. Can they better their practices and manufacturing to avoid unnecessary additional animal suffering? Absolutely! Fact is at some point in time by someone, every ingredient has been tested on an animal and can never be truly cruelty free. Many companies that claim cruelty free don't test on animals but buy their ingredients from someone who has already done it for them. At present anything manufactured or sold in China is mandatory to undertake animal testing. So what can one do? Buy products where the company selling has in house manufacturing and testing and is open about their processes to show they don't actively participate in cruel practices. Products made in the EU are best as the EU has banned animal testing. Thankfully Australia may join suit and perhaps with international pressure China may one day too.

Detoxifying- this word is a duzzie as it can be used correctly and incorrectly. It describes something aiding in the removal of harmful substances from the body. Our liver primarily has that function although nothing over the counter can speed up that process. Lymphatic system has a major role in the immune system, where b and t cells neutralize threats to the body whether it be viruses, bacterial infections, parasites etc. Massage can aid the flow of lymph in the body helping to move along fluid relieving fluid retention and increasing the circulation of lymphocytes (this is the reason why cancer sufferers are contraindicated from massage as a lymph node fighting off cancer may have cancerous lymph fluid moved along, infecting secondary sites). Therefore one can accept massage being Detoxifying. Anything that stimulates blood flow for similar reasons to lymph may also carry that meaning. BUT, can a moisturizer detox your skin? No, as all non prescribed skincare only effects the epidermis-not the dermis where blood flows etc. Can drinking a foul tasting concoction detox your liver? No, but most likely its a diuretic that will empty your bowels and make you feel lighter. Body wraps can detox if they are designed to stimulate blood flow by way of heat. Heat caused by ingredients like caffeine, cocoa combined with a thermal wrap raising your body temp causing sweating will cause vasodilation and increase blood flow. My advice is think about it means of action, can the product really detox?

If there's any terms your not sure of, join in the conversation in comments, and lets get the truth out there.

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