Bridal Trial Basics

At the beginning of every beautiful relationship is a trial. A getting to know each other and to see if you are a good fit. It is no different between a bride to be and her makeup artist.

It goes to say, never ever book a wedding without doing a bridal trial. It is always going to end in trouble. For both sides, never ever do it.

Why? Some brides are happy to forego one if they are on a tight budget, or they don't see the value in it. For the bride, it is the most important day for the success of your wedding. Everything comes down to this. Your trial allows you to feel the makeup, interact with the artist, listen to their recommendations, test their skill, negotiate with the artist on style and colours, Try what suits you, talk about order, timings, schedules, any allergies or special considerations. Basically a trial allows you to run through and make all the decisions on what will happen on your wedding day. Decisions that should never be made on the day when emotions are high, time is tight, lack of sleep, unwanted family opinion, indecisiveness is rife, and all sane logic tends to go out the window.

Likewise for the professional, we can't keep redoing styling on the day when someone is indecisive and your timeline is tight. It's a recipe for disaster and will cost you time, money and profit, not to mention the bride will become irritated and tiresome of the process and will be unlikely to communicate her wants at all. You need a trial to see if you can deliver what they want, if you want them as a client, if any red flags go up that warn you of possible trouble that you may choose to avoid. A trial let's you see, feel and work with their skin or hair needs, allows you to make a plan to execute on the day. It also allows you to charge accordingly if there are additional demands to be met.

I know the rare occasion I allowed a bride to cheapen out on a trial, I completely regretted it and promised to never book a bride without a trial ever again.

Just like that shiny beautiful stilettos need to be tried on before buying, so too it is an absolute necessity to have a comprehensive trial.

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