Easy DIY spa body pampering recipes

Australian women are a unique breed indeed. Aesthetically we face unique challenges that mainly involve the harsh sun that drenches this land. In contrast to our European counterparts, Australian women are more focused on improving their facial skin and abandon their bodies. There is such a huge difference, European women focus on body treatments to improve many aspects of their skin and body health. In this blog, I'll give you Three fantastic ideas on how to give yourself a DIY spa body treatment only using things everyday pantry items. In no time at all, your body will feel smooth soft and refreshed like a Parisian sunrise.

1. Smooth your skin with a homemade sugar scrub. Mix in a jar a cup of normal brown sugar, add a few sprigs of grated orange or lime rind, a dollop of either sweet almond oil or Grape seed oil, and three drops of your favourite essential oil. Mine are lavender, geranium or Neroli. Once mixed, rub the mix thoroughly all over your body on dry skin then jump in the shower to rinse off to give a thorough exfoliation that will leave your skin silky smooth. You can also use sea salt instead of sugar. I do this once a season.

2. Give your body a hot oil treatment. There is nothing more relaxing and soothing than hot oil massaged into the skin on a cold dry winters day. Even better if you get a special someone to do it to you! I blend together half a cup of avocado oil, coconut oil, 2 drops of either black pepper or eucalyptus essential oil, break open one vitamin E capsule. Mix these then warm it up in a similar manner to chocolate in a bain marie fashion so it's done safely and minimize the risk to overheating and burns. Massage the warm oil into your skin and feel instantly relaxed while nourishing your skin. The same recipe can be used in the hair but needs to be shampooed out afterwards.

3. Wrap yourself in a Delicious coffee mud wrap. Whether you would like to firm up, loose weight or loose cellulite, caffeine is great at stimulating blood circulation, metabolism and invigorating collagen and elastin. Mix 1/4 cup ground coffee (Yummm), add 1/2 cup coconut cream and whisk together. Lather yourself in the mud, wrap your body in aluminium foil and a warm blanket. This will induce sweating and stimulate your metabolism. Once your hot enough or well relaxed usually after 20mins, jump in the shower and rinse off.

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