New Year resolutions

At the beginning of every year we make lots of crazy promises that we mostly don't follow through. It's great to have goals, but how can we convert enthusiasm and goal setting into reality?

The most popular resolutions include losing weight, looking younger, more work-life balance and exercise. Problem is that these aren't really goals, their aspirations. And aspirations are just that,  there's no motivation to follow through. 

A goal can be either short term or long term.  They need to be quantifiable,  need a deadline, be realistic and have plan to achieve it with a reward at the end. Most times people assume that the reward is the goal being reached, but that isn't motivation enough. 

As an example, one client wanted better skin. Every year,  she makes that aspiration but never follows through. Last year,  we asked her "would you like to make it a reality" as she was quite unhappy with her skin she said she would give it a go.  

We offered a complimentary consultation session.  We wrote down what it was she wanted to see improved,  flaky skin texture, dark circles and dry skin patches. We took photos and wrote down when it was to be resolved,  the deadline set in stone was 3 months away.  The plan was fortnightly skin treatments that included microdermabrasion, aromatherapy facials,  and collagen infusions. A basic 3 step skincare product pack was included in the plan.  Lifestyle change was greater daily water intake (600ml increase)  and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep back down (tracked via a fitbit).  Reward from the salon was a monthly free back massage and a secret gift pack at the end. We had drawn up a chart for her, which we ticked off each smaller goal as she went along.  

In the end of the 3 months, she indeed achieved her goal and got all those freebies.    

This demonstrates a few things, making a tangible plan using effective short and long term goal setting techniques, using packages and rewards,  having it written down and visually present, while being facilitated in a supportive environment. This is also an example of flexible excellent customer service and of turning a hopeless resolution into reality. 

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