Brides- why you should never use wedding apps or directories for finding a makeup artist

Organising a wedding is work! Finding a suitable makeup artist if you have never used one before is tricky. You revert to looking at online reviews, reading online bios, scroll through endless wedding website directories or even service apps, What could possibly go wrong? Surely if they are on these "credible" websites, they must be good???....

Unfortunately, it couldn't be further from the truth. Only in the last few years are people starting to realise the extent of review manipulations, many positive reviews are fake, while competitors post negative reviews.

What about wedding directories? There usually the first place many brides look. Well, let me let you in on a dirty secret, there is absolutely no screening of the quality or the validity of the vendors on their websites. Free listings to businesses are usually offered and listed at the bottom, while paid "premium listings" usually show up at the top, with more details and options. Anyone can make a business listing, as long as they pay, they are listed. There is no venting of their quality or that their even registered as a business, have an abn, let alone anything else.

What about artist that call themselves "award winning" Beware, there are less than one handful of legitimate real awards in Australia that are truly based on talent, independently judged and not rigged. Many competitions, both locally and internationally are variations of scams, they ask entrants to pay an entry fee, pay a huge price to attend a gala award event, and surprise surprise, only those that pay up the most win the prize of being called the best. Many of these so called awards, even the more well known ones, will actively canvass artists and bombard them with emails inviting them to enter, inviting them to pay to be considered, to pay to be listed as a preferred supplier etc. More often than not, those claims never hold up. Unless you've won an Emmy or a Tony, I don't believe as an artist you can truly call yourself "award winning"

What about certified artists? Yeah,  this is total bologne sorry.  There is no regulation in Australia for makeup or even beauty in general. There is no licensing,  no certification board,  nothing!  In fact,  many private colleges will just hand over a certificate in makeup so long as you pay and show up.  Hell,  there's even online courses that require zero practical exam for something that is 100% practical in every sense.  So none of this guarantees quality. In fact,  anyone that calls themselves certified is just lying to you.  

So what's a bride to do? Sorry but the answer is not easy, shortcuts don't work. Google, ask for recommendations off people you personally know, vet potentials based of their merits, look at their previous work, their portfolio, look at what they offer, is it too cheap to be true, are the photos theirs or stock photos, how long have they been in business, are they registered as a business or is it their hobby? Basically, do your homework and due diligence, don't let your guard down and be on the lookout for shonks.

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