How to pick a clean makeup artist

This topic keeps coming up every now and again. Everybody has horror stories. Other people have asked me, What should i look out for? How can i tell if my makeup artist is clean? For some people, having their makeup done is a real luxury and more than ever, our health and safety is important.

1. All brushes should be clean and dust free. A true artist should never ever blow onto the brush or the clients face, its just disgusting.

2. They should use disposable sponges, not re-useable beauty blenders. Sorry guys, but there is no safe way to totally clean a beauty blender that would allow it to be used on multiple people. It's a sponge that soaks stuff up.

3. All palettes and makeup should be clean and tidy. If it looks messy, its probably dirty. If its dirty, then everything that touches you is dirty.

4. They should use disposable lip wands and mascara wands. The eyes and the lips are the most high risk areas of the face, they are warm and moist - everything bacteria love.

5. Never ever double dip ever! The most disgusting thing ever, is double dipping! once you double dip, the whole thing needs to be thrown out. If anyone comes at you with the mascara wand that came with the tube and puts it back in RUN and run fast! Cause conjunctivitis is almost guarranteed. Same with herpes simplex and lipsticks, there is no safe way to use a lipstick other than scraping some off and then using a disposable to scoop up some.

6. It seems simple, but washing hands before and after each person should be a given. If no water is available, every artist should have in front of you waterless hand sanitiser that they can use before and after.

So there it is. 6 simple things to look out for. Now you can tell the difference between a clean makeup artist and a dirty grub.

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