Bored in isolation? Destash your makeup kit

Now is the perfect time to de-stash and clean your makeup. Here's our top 5 tips to revitalizing your makeup stash.

1. Check all use by dates and if in doubt, throw it out. Most creams have a 6 to 12 month expiry, while powders can last for years. First thing to be thrown out is mascara, lipstick and eyeliners. If you can't remember when you bought them or last used them, throw it out. I find most people have 70% of their kit expired and needs to go.

2. Condense everything. The average person really doesn't need or use 10 palettes, keep the ones you use the most and one for experimenting with new colour. Throw out the rest of if they are new, clean or lightly used, sell it.

3. Focus on staples. Just like a little black dress is essential for a wardrobe, so are your makeup staples. We need one good black and brown mascara, eyeliner and concealer. Any more than that is a waste, unless it's a staple you use regularly.

4. Deep clean your brushes and replace all sponges. So important for your skin health, sponges breed bacteria and are impossible to clean. Brushes need a good rub with baby shampoo, rinse and dry out in the sun.

5. Revamp your storage. Redesign where you store your makeup. Bathrooms are the worst place ever! They are warm, moist and perfect for bacteria and dirt to buildup. Whether it's nearly laid out on a dresser, or compartments in a case, there are some pretty awesome setups out there to store your makeup in the best possible way. Pinterest has some beautiful inspiration.

So there you have it. 5 steps to an awesome personal makeup kit that will keep on giving. If you are a Pro and want more inspiration on building a working makeup kit, check out our e-book here

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