Help! I have a pimple on my wedding day

The wedding day can be really stressful. From drunk bridesmaids to people calling you left right and center asking for things you have no idea about, and to top it off, you've woken up with a big raging volcano on your face. It's enough to make any bride feel like throwing in the towel.

So what can you do about it?

  1. Don't panic. Yes I know that sounds easier said and done. But it's not the end of the world and there are some practical things that can be done. Although you will be the center of attention, everyone will not be looking at your zit when there is so much more awesome stuff going on.

2. Talk to your makeup artist. They should have an arsenal of concealers, foundation, and skin prep that is specifically designed to make it less obvious. Of course makeup can only improve the color, not the lump or the skin texture. If the skin is broken or oozing, cleaning it out with a skin sanitizing wipe (containing 70% isopropyl alcohol like the ones in first aid kits) then applying some skin soothing cream to calm down the inflammation, and then ice it with a small ice pack (or an ice cube). A quick and easy tip I have from years of dealing with breakouts as a makeup artist is to put a drop of eye drops on the pimple and it instantly takes the redness out after a cold compress with ice. If breakouts are a regular occurrence for you, ask your beauty therapist (esthetician) for a skin care plan prior to your wedding.

3. Mention it to your photographer after the day. Although most wedding photography is candid in style with a few formal portraits, your photographer can be your best friend and easily edit out a zit in your close up photos during post-editing.

4. Avoid the temptation to scrub your face or do any squeezing. This is a big no-no as you can turn a small problem into a whole face problem. A red raw face and a freshly squeezed pimple is a lot harder to conceal. The key thing you should be thinking about is calming the redness and irritation down, not making it worse. Unfortunately, pimples don't go away instantly and most people don't know how to extract properly. A beauty therapist can extract properly, only if needed, and minimize damage to the surrounding skin. Plus, a sore red face really doesn't like a lot of makeup, it can irritate further and make it very uncomfortable.

So there you have it, 4 easy simple ways to deal with a breakout on your wedding day.

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