Hand poured bespoke aromatherapy wax melts. Soy blend infused with aromatherapy essential oils, not artificial fragrance. Your house will smell beautiful and feel uplifted. All made with natural ingredients. Each wax melt is hand made, so no two may be exactly the same.  Price is for one pack of melts that contains 6 squares. Props in pictures are not included.

Aromatherapy infused soy blend wax melts

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  • How to care for your wax melts:

    • Never leave candles, any open flame, wax melts unattended. Do not touch hot wax. 
    • Not for internal use, do not eat. Keep away from children. Keep out of reach.
    • Remove all packaging before placing wax melts in oil burner/electric warmer. Do not move while lit. Use in well-ventilated area. Discontinue use if unwell. Please follow instructions of your applicance. Only use in warmers approved for wax melts.  Do not add water.