Save loads of money by not wasting your hard earned dollars on products that will do nothing for you. With over 17 years professional experience as a beauty therapist, makeup artist and skin specialist, I can customize a skincare or makeup plan that can suit your budget and concerns. As a professional, I've tried everything, have a thorough understanding of ingredients and can sort past all the marketing bull to give unbiased advice that is focused on results. No pushy sales person tactics, no multi level marketing cults, no influencers that get paid to peddle any old rubbish, there's no agenda when your talking to a real pro. 


Get a 1 on 1 personal shopper experience from a real industry pro in the comfort of your own home and feel empowered.

45 min Personal virtual shopper service

  • Sessions are delivered either via Zoom. 

    Participants will receive a digital download on purchase with instructions and a consultation form to be filled out and returned prior to your session via email.

    Sessions are available AEST on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays between 9am-9pm and are allocated based on our availability and your preference listed on the consultation form. Strictly, No refunds available on any virtual makeup lessons paid for or for cancelled sessions or "no shows". Sessions require a minimum 24hrs prior notice for reschedulling.