Terms and Conditions

For all service clients including bridal, please read these carefully before your big day. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Stand-By Rate- $50/hour In the event that your services start later than the arrival and set up time that is confirmed on your final confirmation, or finishing time is pushed back due to late arrivals within the bridal party or attendees that are booked in for service, there will be a fee of $50 per hour for me waiting around to start or complete service. I also will not be held responsible for any service that starts later than our agreed upon time that is not within my control, for example a bridesmaid shows up late and if a late start in makeup in any way compromises your over all timeline. We will endeavour to do our best in these circumstances to keep you and us on time. 


Early Starts and large parties. We prefer not to start service before 6am or after 6pm unless specified for special types of weddings. For those occasions please expect your quote to be higher to include our expense of starting outside of normal hours. Also expect peak times and public holidays to attract higher pricing than quieter off peak seasons. For large wedding parties of 6 or more we will hire and bring our working assistants to avoid early starts and very long preparation times.


Parking arrangements Hotel or other car park parking fees are payable by the Client if free parking is not available. This is very common within Sydney and parramatta cbd. These are payable on the day. If parking is at a private residence we ask that parking could be reserved for us within a reasonable distance from the property and in terrain that would be deemed safe for us to transport our goods with us and in a safe area. Please let other guests and residents aware on your big day to leave a space reserved for us so we are not wasting your time looking for parking.


Contact Details Leading up to your appointment we will always send a confirmation reminder at least 24-48 hours before your booking date. We will endeavour to contact you in any event where we need additional information to allow us to work. We require you the client to respond to any correspondence we send within a reasonable timeframe. If your contact details change at any time, it is YOUR responsibility to notify us as soon as possible of the change. We normally collect information such as phone number, address, email, etc so we have the opportunity to contact you through every avenue if you have not responded to our correspondence. We always make responding to our clients a priority and ask the same respect in return. If for whatever reason, you have provided us with incorrect information (disconnected number, address not found on google maps etc) and we are unable to get a confirmation of your services after trying all avenues of communication, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and forefeit any monies paid.


Touchups and full day service We are able to stay on for touch ups at an additional cost if required of $50 per hour.  We usually will stay up until the toasts then head off after that. Please contact us to arrange this if necessary. A complete re do or change of application will attract further charge. Please enquire at the time of your booking exactly what you need so we can quote you a complete price including everything to make things simple for you.

Last minute changes We understand that sometimes things happen. With last minute change requests, if you request an additional service, we will advise you if we have time to complete the additional service and the additional cost for the add-on service. If you agree and we are able to proceed, this will be treated as an addendum to your existing contract. However, be mindful that in many cases because we run to an agreed schedule, it is possible that we may not be able to accommodate the request. If you request to remove or reduce any part of your contract, (for example, a bridesmaid has fallen ill and is unable to be serviced) you will still be liable for every service and the full amount payable as stipulated on your service agreement. We recommend finding an alternate person to take their place to receive the service you have paid for. If this is not possible, we will complete all other services and then offer touch-ups and leave once all other services agreed to are done. By signing your service agreement, you agree to forfeit any claim to the undelivered service and that it is not refundable and non-transferable.  Any changes requested to your agreement (such as a reduction in the number of services) will result in cancellation of your current service agreement, a new service agreement will be issued for you to sign, and may result in an increase in the price. 

Cancellation Policy Non-refundable Date Retainer. Most brides book my services several months or even a year or more in advance based solely on my portfolio, reviews, and referrals. You will be asked to reserve your date immediately with a date retainer and my Service Agreement if you are interested in booking, as I can not hold your event date without these in place. Once your date is booked, we can schedule a trial run of your bridal makeup a bit closer to your big day. If for whatever reason you choose to cancel after retaining your date, the retainer paid will be kept by me. This is used to cover administration and communication costs associated with your booking. You may choose to pay the retainer fee before or after your trial, however the date is not retained till paid and other parties can be booked in regardless if you have a trial or not, that is, a trial is not a guarantee of booking or your date, a paid retainer fee and a signed contract is. If for any reason (excluding force majeure circumstances), I (the makeup artist hired) cancel our agreement i will return the retainer to you the client. If you cancel your booking within 2 weeks of your booking day the FULL amount owing for your wedding/special occasion booking on the invoice sent will be payable and will be enforceable, including legal action taken against you to recover these funds. The likelihood of me rebooking another client i turned away days before the said date is next to none. Any changes to agreements will make the contract void and you may be asked to sign a new one. Changes to your agreement may mean a change in the amount you are charged and a new quote will be issued and pricing is subject to change without notice.


Hiring other wedding vendors By hiring our services, you agree that we will be the sole and single makeup artist hired for your event to perform services on your entire bridal party. To provide you with a consistent, reliable and complete service we do not wish for additional stress placed on the bride by another vendor trying to make more by effectively "stealing" our booked in clients. If when we arrive and we do find another competing artist at the event, we reserve the right to refuse service and retain all monies paid with no refund or credit. If you have a large wedding party, we certainly have the capability of servicing everyone in a reasonable time due to our experience and expertise. We have access to our own assistants and fellow makeup artists that work in the same way and with the same level of experience and expertise to ensure consistency and reliability.


General disclosure and illness Policy. You acknowledge that services provided involve us applying skin products directly to the relevant parts of your body & therefore agree that you have disclosed all medical or other conditions known to you which a reasonable person should disclose, including but not limited to skin sensitivity, allergies, conditions such as the flu, common cold, herpes (cold sores), warts, ring worm, scabies, impetigo, head lice, conjunctivitis or blepharitis, HIV, hepatitis B or C for yourself & the other people who are receiving services. By accepting a booking, you agree that we are not liable for, & will indemnify us from any & all claims, liabilities, costs, loss, damages & causes of action relating to personal injury, property damage, or death arising directly or indirectly as a result of our service and or your failure to disclose pertinent information relating to medical or other conditions. As a consumer, you have a duty of disclosure to disclose anything herein and anything that may interfere or affect your service.  


For hygiene and our insurance coverage reasons, we cannot use your own personal makeup products. Please be understanding with us as we cannot work on Clients who are contagiously ill (e.g. with the flu, common cold, COVID-19 or other virus’) or have contagious conditions such as but not limited to, warts, ring worm, scabies, impetigo, head lice. If you have (confirmed or suspected) suffered a contagious illness or suspect or knowingly have been in contact with someone with a contagious illness within the two weeks prior to your appointment, you need to disclose this as soon as possible prior to your appointment. If you or anyone that will be present at the appointment has recently traveled overseas, you will need to disclose this prior to your appointment. We may ask for further information or evidence (such as written medical clearance) based on the information you provide us. For those with ongoing medical illness such as cancer and or undergoing treatments, this must be disclosed and we may alter our work accordingly or ask for further information. For those undergoing invasive or non-invasive skin treatments, such as but not limited to Roaccutane, Vit A, peels, laser, cosmetic surgery, injectibles, you need to disclose this to us. We may refuse treatment or alter our treatment for your safety.


Clients with conjunctivitis or blepharitis, HIV, hepatitis B or C, herpes (cold sores),we can still work on you but will need to alter our work and make accommodations to allow us to work on you in a safe and hygienic manner. We will discuss these options with you prior to commencing work. It is the Clients responsibility to disclose if they suffer from any medical condition or come into contact with any contagious conditions. You accept that services will be refused at our discretion based upon the above information. If you fail to disclose any conditions and we personally and or our kit is exposed, you will be liable for as new complete replacement costs and damages such as but not limited to lost earnings. You also agree we are not liable for any claims if you suspect that we have directly or indirectly transmitted a contagious illness. We take our duty of care responsibilities very seriously, and take all necessary precautions as we see fit to protect our clients and keep ourselves and our kit healthy and clean. If you have not disclosed a contagious illness that we deem unsafe for us to work on you, and disclose it or we identify it at the appointment, we reserve the right to end your appointment immediately and leave. Any monies owing will need to be paid in full, and any money paid prior will be forefeited, with no completion of service, reschedule or refund offered.

Pets  and children policy- Any pets that may be present at the premises we work on must be restrained or segregated from the immediate area we are working in. To maintain strict hygiene practises and maintain the safety and hygiene of our products, pets and children are not allowed in the direct vicinity of where services are undertaken. Children and babies must be supervised at all times when present by their caregivers and no responsibility may lie with us to supervise children.  Flowergirls are welcome in the service area once it is their turn to have services undertaken. We ask respectfully and understand mothers who need their children present to have another adult present to supervise them so that services may be undertaken without excessive disruption. Any damage or breach of hygiene to any of our equipment caused by children and pets that are not adequately supervised will be the responsibility of the client booked in to be paid for in full immediately, and at full new replacement cost. By booking us, you agree to indemnify us against any claims as a result of any injury that may arise to children and pets as a result of any breech of this policy or lack of supervision within the area of services undertaken.


Behaviour Policy- We treat all client’s with the utmost respect, and ask that our clients and their wedding party, family and guests do the same. Sadly, sometimes there is someone who goes out of their way to be verbally or physically abusive to wedding professionals. We will not service anyone that is clearly intoxicated and or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We will not commence services if there are clear indications of drug taking / drug paraphernalia present, excessive or unruly partying, excessive drinking or disorderly behaviour. At no time and under no circumstances whatsoever shall we tolerate abusive, violent, destructive, menacing, or harassing behaviour from the client or any party acting on behalf of the client. If such behavior does occur, we will quietly and respectfully inform the client and/or members to handle the situation.  However, if the abusive behavior does not stop, we will consider it a breach of contract, and remove ourselves from the premises immediately without providing any further services and all remaining fees will be due immediately and on the spot, regardless of further services not commenced and without any refund of monies paid. All remaining services will be forfeited.

Force majeure Policy- In the extreme unlikelihood of an event that is deemed a disaster/extreme circumstance by us that may be but not limited to terrorism, flood, cyclone, bushfire, civil unrest, war, act of god, government mandated shutdown or isolation, serious supplier shortage, martial law or lockdown, significant crime present either at the location or along the travel route, or if a travel warning is issued or escalated (in the case of destination weddings) we will endeavor to contact you immediately and discuss options. In any situation we perceive to be an unacceptable risk, we reserve the right to cancel your service agreement and discharge both parties from the contract. No refund of monies paid prior to the discharge will be given, no monies owing will be collected, therefore both parties will walk away with no valid claim from each other. For bridal parties we may offer at our discretion additional goodwill support measures in addition to these terms on an ad hoc basis. If a client wishes to exercise this policy, immediate notice must be given to us via email. We will then assess the concerns / risk and evaluate the claim to use the force majeure policy. If we deem that the client's concern reasonably falls under this policy, we will enact it. If we deem that it does not fall under this policy, then it will be treated as a normal request for cancellation and the cancellation policy will apply. Please Note: any ongoing pandemic (including COVID-19) that may cause foreseeable or possible disruption or inconvenience directly or indirectly no longer falls under the force majeure policy, however, a government mandated shutdown of weddings or personal services that deem it illegal for us to work is. A government directive cap on the number of people able to attend an event, any international or interstate travel bans imposed (for domestic weddings), or any cancellations due to the closure or inability of other wedding vendors do not constitute a force majeure under this policy, as they are indirect factors that do not impact our ability to deliver services.


Change of dates / postponement requests will be treated as a cancellation (with no refund or transfer of the non-refundable retainer fee) and as a request for a new booking. A new quote and service agreement may be offered, with a new non-refundable retainer fee payable to secure the new date. In the case that a new requested date is unavailable, we will inform the client that their new date is unavailable and offer alternate dates. If those dates are unsuitable, then we are unable to be of service. If future dates requested by a client falls within what would be seen by us as a foreseeable force majeure, we may not offer that date.


Refund Policy-  Our refund policy is in accordance with NSW consumer rights and was drafted in consultation with Fair Trading NSW guidelines of best practice.


For services;

-No refunds will be given if you have simply changed your mind. For example; if you leave the salon saying you are happy with your service/result, no refund will be given if you later change your mind and are no longer happy with it.

-If the service is not right, we will offer a suitable remedy– an attempt to put the situation right. For minor problems that can be fixed, the consumer cannot cancel and demand a refund immediately, you must give us an opportunity to fix the problem. We will do this free of charge, and within a reasonable time.

-When the consumer asks for a specific result and we accept that result, but the services, and any resulting product, do not achieve that result and cannot easily or within a reasonable time be made to achieve it- we will offer a full refund or a credit note only on the service not achieved.

-If the consumer asks for a specific result and we advise against it, or advise it is unrealistic or unlikely to be achieved in the time frame given but the consumer wishes to proceed anyway- we will not refund under this circumstance.

-A consumer is not entitled to a remedy when someone else other than KC makeup beauty hair have said or did something that may have altered or affected what we delivered, or an issue beyond our human control that happened after the goods or services were supplied.

- When there is a claim on this policy, we expect clients to make a claim in a timeframe that we deem reasonable for the client to discover such a problem. For example, a client cannot ask for a remedy on a spray tan after 48 hours or 7 days later when "wear and tear", showering, sweating, the skins natural shedding process means that it has already faded /worn off and is no longer eligible for a "touchup" or remedy and it was fit for purpose, Likewise for makeup, if you were happy with the service, we offered touchups and alterations and at the time, you agreed that you were happy and that no more alterations were required, you cannot 24hrs later after your event has finished, make a claim that you weren't happy and want a refund. This is because you received the service that was fit for purpose and objections were not claimed within a reasonable time for us to correct.

-Claims must be made by first contacting us via phone or email, with the details of the claim including any photos or evidence. We will treat you with the utmost respect and ask the same of our clients. We will only ever speak to the client involved about any claim due to privacy reasons, we are not allowed to discuss anything or receive a claim via "goodwilling" friends and family. We always endevour to resolve all disputes, however, if any claimants become aggressive, abusive, threatening, blackmail, defame us , or post their "unhappiness" with our service on any social media without giving us an opportunity to come to a resolution, or if you post your "displeasure" with the outcome of your claim on social media when the response to claim is in line and abiding with our terms and conditions, fair trading NSW guidelines, consumer laws, and this policy, we reserve the right to withdraw any offer of refund or exchange /credit and the consumer will forefeit the right to any claim.


For retail products.

-All our retail products are considered personal care / skincare. We are unable to exchange or refund once goods leave our premises or for change of mind purchases. When we recommend a product, we seek your approval if you agree with what we suggest, if you agree on a product then bring it back for a different one, this is considered a change of mind.

-No refunds or exchanges for change of mind purchases.

-We will only offer an exchange or refund if there is a major unrectifiable fault and the item is not fit for purpose. Refunds will not include postage costs paid. If there is a minor fault, upon consultation with our suppliers/manufacturers, we may offer an exchange or credit note.

-All claims must be accompanied by a receipt as proof of purchase to prove that the goods came from us and not elsewhere, as our retail products are not exclusive to us.

-We will not refund or exchange any goods if manufacturer instructions are not adhered to, for expired products, for a product with significant use or after an amount of time that would be reasonable for the consumer to identify any fault, incorrectly used or stored products or for subjective claims about the effectiveness of skincare products. For example, if an anti-wrinkle facial cream has not made all your wrinkles disappear, that is not a reasonable claim as the product was fit for purpose but the expectation of the effectiveness is not in line with verbal advice given by us or by the manufacturers instructions. 


This policy is in line with Fair Trading NSW guidelines and have been drafted to comply with all consumer laws.